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Our domain names are a perfect combination between keywords and extension. Big chances are that no matter how many competitors are there already in the Internet, for our customers, acquiring an Ontop domain may represent an ultra fast Google ranking positioning within the first page of search results, in 50% of cases our clients become 1st position of Google results, in 95% of the times, they index in the first page of Google in a record time minor than 2 months when applying an organic (no investment) SEO strategy.

How worthy is a Premium domain name?

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Benefits of buying Premium SEO domain names

We want to demonstrate the countless money and time savings that having an Ontop domain represents.

SEO strategy investment, Adwords investment, Social media Ads Investments, all reduced from critical to minimal by a one time purchase that for most of the cases, represents only the 10% of 1 year advertising budget.

Is a Premium domain name Vanity or Strategy?

We provide professional human generated domain appraisals to give you the most accurate price for your domain name.

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