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Since day one, Internet has done nothing more than grow, expand, improve, get faster, become more accesible, with no stopping and without going back, all this will continue.

Internet is the invention that changed the world and quickly became the basis of our daily lifestyle as health, economics and politics are now cloud hosted and every business, brand and idea are jumping to the Internet as a natural process.

How worthy is a Premium domain name?

Who is this for?

We target decision making Executives, CEO’s, Business owners and Top Marketing Agencies in the planning and business development phase to provide our domain names as the axle of their strategy and branding.

Target Market

We have the top of the list domain names for the next industries.


Is a Premium domain name Vanity or Strategy?


Personalized domain names Brokerage service

With more than 16 years of experience as Marketeer, project leader and brand developer, Alberto Del Paso (Current CEO of DelPaso Group) has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses to acquire a premium domain name which has driven thousands of dollars in Revenue.

Multi-related and well connected with other brokers, institutions of the domain names Industry, Alberto leads a team of top brokers ready to help.

What is a premium domain name?

Ontop domains is here for those who care about success. Premium domains are those that have a perfect combination between name and extension, that make it easy to match most of the related Google searches of their market segment, representing a competitive edge that will not only allude to a trademark of great knowledge, but may drive a huge income opportunity to the owner.

Is a premium domain really expensive?

Well, companies that buy a regular domain usually spend thousands of dollars in SEO strategies, plus thousands of dollars in Google Adwords and other resources in order to compete for a decent position in the first page of Google’s results.

Ontop domains are a ready-to-launch solution designed to be in the first page of results due to its perfect combination of keywords and extension.