Domain marketing

Domain marketing is the practice of using internet addresses as a way to expand the potential number of visitors to your website. It allows businesses to use domains to improve their website’s standing. Domain marketing steps beyond finding the right domain name for a website. This strategy is part of digital marketing as a whole and it’s a great example of the power of digital marketing. It’s very easy to treat a website as just something you have to do, a checkbox that needs ticking before you can be considered a legitimate business; I mean who doesn’t have a website, an out-of-date business that’s who. What digital marketing does so well is to side step that concern. Instead, it views a website not as a something in line with branded stationary, but rather as components that will expand and grow your business.

Talk to any designer, developer or writer and they’ll tell you that a website is a must because it makes you relevant. What seems like a straightforward design, compelling sentences and functioning website components is actually the result of a team thinking about each aspect in detail. We feel that this same logic should apply to something as outwardly simple as a domain. Looking at a domain as another component of your website, instead of that thing you need to get to that final website, will move it from a cost your business has to endure into a cost that brings in revenue.